Chill Cheese Budder

Chill Cheese Budder

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Through an exhaustive and refined process, this “Budder” takes on a very creamy, easy to manage consistency. Potent, flavourful, and guaranteed to couch lock. A dabbers delight. This budder has an amazingly easy-to-use texture.

Sold by the gram, available in various strains.

Budder is awesome because it’s a concentrated form of the buds you buy at Stepping Stone Holistic Living! And by “concentrated,” we mean really high in THC or CBD. How high, exactly? Anywhere from two to four times over regular bud!

Depending on the original strain you start with, budder can clock in at 50-90% THC (or CBD). Even the strongest strain you roll in your joint, blunt, or spliff only hits around 25%.

So, you can see why budder is such a big deal: you can get seriously high with just one or two hits!




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