Points & Rewards

And redeem them for credits off your future orders!

As a loyalty program member, you earn points every time you place an order.  You can redeem these points towards rewards such as money off your whole order, or occasional free items!

How to sign up:

When you create an account online, you are automatically signed up to earn points.  Easy, right?

Create your account here.

Once your online account is created, login using your username and password.  You will see a box at the bottom right of your screen called "Your Stepping Stone Loyalty Points".  That's where you will find your points, and your "Redemption Catalogue" that contains all the rewards you can redeem.

Pssst...  When you create your account, make sure to click to join our newsletter and you'll earn a bonus 100 points!

How to earn points:

Place an order, get points.  That's it!

Every dollar your spend = 1 point.

Except for Wednesdays, you earn 2x points! 

    As soon as your order payment is confirmed, your points will show up in your account.

    How to use your points:

    Login to your account, and click on the box on the bottom right of your screen called "Your Stepping Stone Loyalty Points".  Then click "Redemption Catalogue" to view the rewards you can redeem your points for.

    See the one you want? Get it!  Here's how:

    1. Select your reward and you will receive a discount code.
    2. Copy the discount code.
    3. Paste or enter the discount code into the "discount code" box and apply it!
    4. Watch as your credit is applied to your order!
    5. Proceed to checkout and complete the order.

    Change your mind?  No worries! 

    You can cancel discount codes! If you click on your Stepping Stone Loyalty Points, you should see a tab that says   . In that tab will be a history of all your point redemption codes, and you can cancel them through there! Click it and watch the points return in real time. 

    Keep in mind:

    You must apply your credit in your cart before getting to checkout!

    Sadly this is something we can't change on our website, but don't worry!

    If there is no option for you to add a discount code, just click back and see if you can find the discount code box again. It will show up in your cart page, not your checkout. 


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